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London Stock Exchange information

What is the ISIN Code of MCG's Ordinary Shares?


In which sector is MCG listed?

MCG is listed under the support services sector of the FTSE.

What is MCG's ticker symbol?

MCG's ticker symbol is MMC.

Which FTSE indexes is MCG listed on?

MCG is currently listed on the FTSE All Share and the FTSE SmallCap. It is also listed on the FTSE4Good Index.

When was MCG first floated on the London Stock Exchange?

MCG was first listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in late 1987 as Alexander Proudfoot PLC.

Group information

What are MCG's core lines of business?

MCG's core line of business is management consultancy. Please see Corporate Profile for details of the operating companies.

Proudfoot helps clients to achieve significantly increased profitability through the implementation of operational improvements leading to increased sales, lower operating and overhead costs, greater output and lower capital expenditure. Proudfoot's appeal is to operationally focused senior managers intent on executing strategy and achieving stretching goals.

Who are MCG's brokers, auditors and registrars?

Full details of MCG's brokers are provided in the Investor Centre section of this website.

MCG's auditors are Deloitte of 2 New Street Square, London EC4A 3BZ, United Kingdom. MCG's registrars are Capita Registrars of Bourne House, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4TU, United Kingdom.

What is MCG's registered office address and registered company number?

Place of registration - England and Wales
Registered number - 1000608
Registered Office:
10 Fleet Place
London EC4M 7RB
Incorporated on 22/01/1971

Why did you change your name from Proudfoot Consulting to Management Consulting Group?

The Group changed its name on 2 January 2001 as the Board were beginning the process of creating a group of consultancies with their own distinct and different offerings. Accordingly, it was inappropriate for the name of the holding company to reflect the name of just one such consultancy. Management Consulting Group PLC is suitably descriptive and does not detract from the various brands that are now used for client purposes.

Acquisitions and disposals

Why did you sell Proudfoot Japan in June 2000?

In January 2000 when we started looking at the sale of Proudfoot Japan it was worth more than the market capitalisation of the group as a whole. The business was very successful with a consistent record of profitability and growth. We took the view that the disposal would allow us to raise substantial funds to invest in the crucial European and North American markets and by structuring the deal as a management buy out we could retain a close operational alliance.

Why did you acquire Ineum Consulting in September 2006?

In line with our strategy, we saw Ineum as an opportunity to secure a well-managed profitable business with growing revenues and a strong established brand that is complementary to MCG's existing businesses. The acquisition broadened MCG's consulting offerings to existing and potential new clients as well as introducing industry specific services. The addition of Ineum diversified MCG's geographic focus by increasing European presence and reducing dependence on the United States.

Why did you acquire Kurt Salmon Associates in September 2007?

The acquisition of Kurt Salmon Associates expanded the Group's industry-led offerings with the addition of an international market leader, thereby further raising the Group's profile, particularly in the US. It deepened the Group's talent pool and further increased opportunities to cross sell the services of the Group's other consultancies to the enlarged client base.


How many shares are currently in issue?

At 31 October 2016 the Group had 510,221,685 ordinary shares of £0.01 each in issue.

For detailed share price click here.

How can I check my shareholding?

Direct shareholdings in MCG can be checked via our registrar's portal at . If the holdings is held in a nominee account, you will need to check this via your broker. If following doing so, you need further assistance, please contact Charles Ansley on +44 (0) 20 7710 5000 or

What do I do if I have lost my shareholder certificate?

You will need to contact the registrars at Capita IRG Plc at Bourne House, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4TU, United Kingdom.

How can I change the location to which my shareholding is addressed?

You will need to contact the registrars.

Does the company offer a share dealing service?

An online and telephone share dealing service is offered through MCG's registrar, by Capita Share Dealing Services. For further information on this service, or to trade, contact: (on-line dealing) or 0870 458 4577 (telephone dealing)

I have several holdings of MCG shares represented by more than one certificate; how can I amalgamate those shares into one holding?

Please write to our registrars enclosing all your certificates.

MCG facts report

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MCG facts report

Group history

2011 Ineum Consulting and Kurt Salmon Associates merged to become Kurt Salmon, a stronger, more global consultancy business.

2010 Nick Stagg was appointed Chief Executive from 1 July. Alan Barber remained Executive Chairman until the beginning of 2011 when he transitioned to Non-executive Chairman.

2010 Management Consulting Group PLC raised £25 million through a firm placing, placing and open offer of new ordinary shares and warrants. Through this fundraising BlueGem Capital Partners LLP became an active, long term cornerstone investor in the business.

2008 Parson Consulting was restructured, merged into Ineum Consulting and the brand name discontinued. Viaduct Consulting was merged into Ineum Consulting.

2008 Chairman, Rolf Stomberg, and Chief Executive, Kevin Parry, left the Group. Alan Barber became Executive Chairman and the heads of Alexander Proudfoot, Ineum Consulting and Kurt Salmon joined the Main Board.

2007 The Group acquired Kurt Salmon Inc., a consultancy business specialising in the global consumer goods and retail industry and the US healthcare industry.

2007 The Group purchased CBH Consultants Inc., which operates predominantly on the west coast of the USA. This business was rebranded CBH Consulting. This business was subsequently merged with Parson Consulting.

2007 Viaduct Consulting was established to provide commercial due diligence services to corporate and financial buyers.

2006 The Group purchased 51% of the Salzer Group, which was then rebranded Salzer Consulting, a business operating in Greater China and throughout the Asia Pacific region. In 2008 this stake was sold back to its original owners.

2006 The Group purchased Ineum Consulting, the former French Deloitte Consulting business

2002 A new issue of shares raised £39 million which was used to finance the acquisition of Parson Consulting, a US financial management consultancy and its expansion to London, Paris and Sydney.

2001 The Group acquired Czipin & Partners, a business similar to Proudfoot, primarily based in Germany and Austria

2001 Proudfoot PLC changed its name to Management Consulting Group PLC.

2000 Proudfoot PLC purchased IMR Europe, a Proudfoot clone with significant presence in France and Spain.

2000 Proudfoot Japan was sold for £28.5 million in an MBO to its management.

2000 Proudfoot PLC raised £6.74 million with a placing and open offer

1999 Following a strategy review the Chairman, Rolf Stomberg, and the non-executive directors recruited a new management team led by Chief Executive Kevin Parry.

1990s The business declined during the 1990s under a succession of chief executives.

1994 Proudfoot PLC raised £9.6 million in a 2 for 7 rights issue at 60p per new ordinary share.

1993 Alexander Proudfoot PLC changed its name to Proudfoot PLC.

1991 Alexander Proudfoot PLC acquired Indevo, a strategy consultancy with its main office in Stockholm. This business was partly sold and the remainder closed in 1993.

1989 Proudfoot opened an office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1989 Alexander Proudfoot PLC acquired Philip Crosby Associates, then a publicly traded company on the US Stock Exchange. This business declined in the mid-1990s, was closed in 1996 and partly resold to its original owner in 1997.

1987 Via a reverse takeover of City and Foreign Holdings PLC, Alexander Proudfoot PLC was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

1980s To increase its global reach Proudfoot opened an office in Singapore, followed shortly thereafter by one in Sydney. By the late 1980s Proudfoot had offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

1970s Proudfoot commenced operations in Europe, opening an office in London.

1960s Proudfoot began its expansion out of Chicago, initially within the USA and then in partnership with Unibanco in Brazil.

1946 Mr Alexander "Alec" Proudfoot founded the Alexander Proudfoot Company in Chicago, USA. He headed the firm until his death in 1968, when the senior management purchased the company from his widow.

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