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At Alexander Proudfoot, our mission is to design and implement programmes to help executive management instill disciplined execution at all levels of the organization. Regarded as a leader in our field, we are proud of our track record, built up over the past 65 years.

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What does Alexander Proudfoot do?

Alexander Proudfoot identifies and implements tangible and sustainable operational improvement by instilling the required disciplined execution at all levels of an organization. These tangible and sustainable performance improvements enable our clients to achieve their objectives with greater speed, predictability, and control.

Alexander Proudfoot helps our client's executive management and their people substantially improve performance by delivering results at a scale and speed the company would not achieve on its own.

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How do they do it?

At Alexander Proudfoot, we use our vast operational experience to work alongside all levels of client organizations to improve the execution of management practices

The Alexander Proudfoot approach combines three core disciplines:

  • Process improvements: The thorough review and re-design of existing business processes for all elements of the overall supply chain, sales, cost control and capital expenditure to deliver measurable improvements in effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Management systems: The development of specific, focused, easily understood, high-impact indicators to monitor performance and to identify areas that require managerial attention;
  • People solutions: The education, training and communication with client employees at all levels to provide solutions that align thinking and behaviour in support of the new processes and systems. Working with our clients' employees at every level, we align and develop their skills, remove any barriers to change, and create employee ownership.
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Why are they different?

Alexander Proudfoot does not just identify opportunities to improve operating results; we actually implement the required changes, working with management and front-line personnel, side-by-side, until the client achieves the projected financial benefits

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Who do they serve?

For over 65 years, Alexander Proudfoot has completed more than 16,000 projects across the globe, in virtually all business sectors. The Alexander Proudfoot offering is based on aligning the mindset and actions of people at all levels of an organization to the objectives of senior executives. This is why our offering is applicable across diverse industries such as financial services, manufacturing, and mining operations.

Past clients include the best large and mid-size organizations across the globe. These clients include market leaders such as American Express, BHP Billiton, DeBeers, and Bridgestone to name a few.

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How do they engage?

A client engagement begins with discussions with senior management to understand the directions, objectives and goals of the organization and to identify opportunities for operational and financial improvement. The second phase is a period of in-depth analysis of the identified opportunities using a wide range of proprietary techniques to quantify the potential benefits of change. The final phase is normally between six and nine months, and comprises the installation of process improvements, management systems and people solutions.

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